Custom Storage Solutions

Custom Storage Solutions in Louisiana

Transform cluttered rooms into organization hubs with Ruffino Custom Closets’ Custom Storage Solutions. We prioritize the functionality of each designed space to ensure that it caters effectively to your organizational needs. Our expert designers work closely with you to maximize storage efficiency, harnessing innovative design techniques and high-quality materials to optimize space usage. Whether it’s a custom-made walk-in closet that accommodates your growing collection or custom laundry room cabinets, our solutions are custom-built to fit your life and your home perfectly.


Ruffino Custom Closets offers a range of storage services. We can turn any corner or part of your home into a storage area without sacrificing the initial function of the space. Pantries, for instance, are essential to the kitchen, and therefore, we recommend utilizing the space that you have efficiently. We can add a custom pantry to help put your clutter in order. We can use pull-out shelves as they work wonders for items lower to the ground, as well as for boxes and cans. Adjustable shelving systems can play a big part in custom storage, too.

Custom Storage Solutions in Louisiana
Custom Storage Solutions in Louisiana


At our manufacturing facility, we make products customizable to the needs of a particular client. We have dividers, cubbies, pull-out baskets, and shelves, providing the necessary space for your specific storage needs. These primary storage items lay the framework for an effortlessly systematic space. More importantly, our products have won several awards for their durability and innovation, so expect that every item we deliver is high quality.


Our clients are always on top of our priority. We understand your need for storage space and can recommend designs that will benefit your home, but we only start designing or installing products after knowing your requirements. We see to it that our team delivers prompt service at all times. After all, we want you to enjoy the additional storage spaces in your home immediately. Whatever you need for storage and functionality, we can help you achieve that goal. Ruffino Custom Closets is not your ordinary Louisiana custom storage service provider. We will make your dream closets, pantries, and other storage spaces a reality. Imagine the possibilities and get creative with us.


Our highly-personalized service is what separates us from everyone else. We offer free estimates and will even invite you to our manufacturing facility to give you a hands-on look at what materials and processes we’ll be using to craft your custom-built master closet. Whether you already have a design in mind or want to collaborate with our highly-skilled craftsmen, our free consultations are a 5-star customer service experience you won’t find anywhere else. Fill out this form or call us to get started.

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