Ruffino Custom Closets Reviews & Testimonials

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I have been referring my clients and contractors to utilize the services of Christian at Ruffino Custom Closets for many years and have always been very satisfied with the product and end results. It was not until I experienced the professionalism, expertise, and level of detail first-hand when designing the closets for my own personal home that I truly understood and appreciated the depths of Christian’s knowledge and how great the Ruffino business is as a whole.

I left truly blown away by the cleanliness of the shop and loved the visibility of the workforce building the custom pieces behind the scenes as we discussed options, finishes, and the design. Christian is highly knowledgeable, has a great design sense, and, as a result, I have changed my processes to now bring my clients into the showroom to discuss the closet options with Christian so that they, too, can experience his level of detail and overall professionalism.

My personal Ruffino’s Custom Closet has now been installed and my wife and I are thrilled with the result. It has been truly a pleasure to work with Christian and the Ruffino’s team and I will continue to highly recommend their products and services.

Matthew Voelkel Owner and Principal Designer studioMV

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Ruffino Custom Closets over the past seven years and consider them to be a valuable asset to our team. Time and time again, I have seen impressive work by Christian and always with impeccable results. After completing hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of closet systems, I can confidently state that Christian has handled his scope of work professionally and has always provided superb work in our high-end custom home market.

Sam Ford Chief Operational Officer Troyer Builders

Our company has been working with Christian for 15+ years. He is very professional with our custom home clients and helps them with the design aspect to get the very best use of space and storage. He is timely on installs and coordination with us during construction.

Shanna Cole Owner Integrity Builders

We have been doing business with Christian for over five years, and he has been everything that I look for in a subcontractor. Not only does Ruffino Custom Closets do very nice work, but they do it in a timely fashion. They go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the finished product, and my customers are always very complimentary of Christian.

Robert M. Hurley Hurley Homes

Ruffino Custom Closets recently completed a project for me at my personal residence. With Christian’s design and the great team at Ruffino’s, my project came together exactly the way I had imagined. I would recommend Christian and the team at Ruffino Custom Closets to anyone.

B. Rodriguez Association of Closet & Storage Professionals