Custom Closets Baton Rouge

Ruffino Custom Closets in Baton Rouge

Investing in a custom closet system adds significant value to your home while  improving the functionality of your space. Whether you desire adjustable shoe racks for your growing shoe collection, custom jewelry drawers for your array of necklaces, or specialized lighting and mirrors, the Ruffino Closets team can turn your vision into reality. We create custom closet systems for homeowners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Transform your Baton Rouge home with our custom closet solutions, meticulously crafted to maximize space and style. Elevate your organization and redefine luxury living with our tailored designs, exclusively crafted for you.

Custom closet Baton Rouge Louisiana
Master closet build by Ruffino Custom Closets in Baton Rouge Louisiana


Whether you are looking to renovate your existing closet or build a custom closet from scratch, Ruffino Custom Closets is equipped to deliver a closet designed and built just for you. The team of specialists at Ruffino Closets will guide you in the process of developing the plans for your ideal master closet.

Custom closets are often ranked as one of the top ten preferred house features. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home for years, quality custom Baton Rouge closets are amenities that will provide value both now and in the future.

Discover the ultimate luxury in master closet design, tailored to your Baton Rouge lifestyle for seamless organization and unparalleled elegance.


Features to Include in your custom closet

Each custom closet designed by the Ruffino team of experts is created uniquely for the homeowner. No matter what you envision, Ruffino Closets makes each closet by design to ensure it matches your style and dimensions. When customizing your space, we provide detailed rendering before installation begins to ensure that you can visualize the final outcome.

A highlight of our custom closets in Baton Rouge are the above and beyond features we offer that allow us to customize your closet style and functionality. With everything from mirrors to custom lighting, we are able to add the finishing touches that take your master closet to the next level. Other specialty features include glass doors, jewelry drawers, and gun racks.

Professionally designed custom closet with ample storage
Baton Rouge custom closet with unique features

FREE ESTIMATES for Custom Closets in Baton Rouge

Have us out to your space to take measurements and provide an estimate for your custom closet at no cost. Our free estimate allows you to have all of the needed information before deciding exactly what direction you want to take your dream closet.

Ruffino Custom Closets offers a catalog of closet accessories to help you choose what methods you want for storing your personal items. If your style changes in the future, these accessories are readily available to change out at any time. Call or submit a form to start your custom closet in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today!


Designer Closets in Louisiana

Ruffino Custom Closets’ team of professional closet designers will lead you through designing your customized closet from beginning to end.

Our designer closets help utilize space in the most economic way so you avoid confusion and prevent items becoming lost in giant piles or stacks.

You can schedule a no obligation appointment with Ruffino Closets through two phone numbers. You can reach us at our Northshore location at (985) 809-7623, or our Southshore store at (504) 252-9844. 

Large closet with mirror doors and a white dresser designed by Ruffino Custom Closets


Our highly-personalized service is what separates us from everyone else. We offer free estimates and will even invite you to our manufacturing facility to give you a hands-on look at what materials and processes we’ll be using to craft your custom-built master closet. Whether you already have a design in mind or want to collaborate with our highly-skilled craftsmen, our free consultations are a 5-star customer service experience you won’t find anywhere else. Fill out this form or call us to get started.

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